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      Administrative Law; Banking and Finance; Contracts; Corporations; Economics; Law and Economics; Law and Society; Securities Law [1]
      Administrative Law; Jurisdiction; Taxation; Taxation-Federal Income [1]
      Affordable Housing [1]
      Animal Law; Constitutional Law; Courts; General Law; Judges; Jurisprudence; Law and Society; Legal History; Legal Profession; Politics [1]
      Animal Law; Energy and Utilities Law; Environmental Law; Jurisprudence; Land Use Planning; Natural Resources Law; Property-Personal and Real; Public Law and Legal Theory [1]
      art [1]
      Bankruptcy [1]
      Citizen participation; Administrative law; Legislation; South Africa; Comparative and Foreign Law [1]
      Civil Law; Civil Rights; Constitutional Law; Criminal Law and Procedure; International Law; Public Law and Legal Theory [1]
      Civil Rights; Comparative Law; Constitutional Law; Courts; Criminal Law and Procedure; Judges; Law Enforcement and Corrections; Practice and Procedure; Remedies; State and Local Government Law [1]
      Civil Rights; Comparative Law; Corporations; Human Rights Law; International Law; Law and Society; Sexuality and the Law; Women [1]
      Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace [1]
      Comparative and Foreign Law; Environmental Law; Land Use Planning; Law and Economics; Law and Society; Natural Resources Law; Property-Personal and Real [1]
      Comparative Law; Law and Economics; Legal History; Property-Personal and Real [1]
      Connecticut [9]
      Connecticut History [1]
      Connecticut. [1]
      Constitutional Law [3]
      Constitutional Law; Education Law; Labor Law [1]