Students in the Criminal Justice Advocacy Clinic (CJAC) represent individuals and organizations affected by the criminal legal system. The clinic docket consists of a mix of policy and community advocacy, direct representation, and impact litigation. Students may represent individuals in federal courts, state courts, and administrative proceedings. Students in this clinic may also engage in legislative or administrative advocacy at the local and state level. CJAC exposes students to various advocacy methods in criminal legal system reform, and employs a number of lawyering models in its pedagogy. The work of the CJAC is supported by the Millstone Fund for Criminal Justice Reform.

Recent Submissions

  • Sentence Modification in Connecticut: A Guide for Those Navigating the 53a-39 Process

    Walker, Jammie (Criminal Justice Advocacy Clinic, 2024)
    Title 53a, Chapter 952, Section 53a-39 of the Connecticut General Statutes governs sentence modifications across the state. The clinic’s guide details the 53a-39 sentence modification process and includes information on gathering and organizing the materials necessary to create the most compelling petition possible. It outlines the ways in which supporters can be most helpful to a person seeking a sentence modification and provides the information, templates, and official forms necessary to navigate the sentence modification process.